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The program that presented the world with the ability to compress files

As use of digital media begun expanding and took an ever increasing share of information transfer and sharing, files began growing larger. Larger files meant slower transfer and sharing processes and greater storage space requirements. That's how the notion of developing a file compression software program had come into the world.
The first compression program to be released was WinZip. Since its debut, WinZip had become the world's leading file compression, file encryption, file sharing and data backup software program.
Its quick and efficient file compressing engine makes it easy and convenient to use
as you can compress files into LHA, Zip and particularly compact Zipx files with a click of a button.
Besides being able to compress files, WinZip can also assist you in extracting information out of compressed files. It supports an enormous range of compressed files formats such as IMG, CAB, LHA, BZ2, 7Z, RAR and ISO, and it even features preview capabilities.
Amongst the types of files WinZip can handle are image files. Without lessening their quality WinZip can reduce image files' size by 20-25%.
In case you're in need of compressing sensitive information that needs protecting, WinZip offers advanced AES encryption capability towards that end. WinZip supports easy sharing due to files' reduced size and thanks to an online sharing feature. It also supports automatic backup routines to make sure you don’t lose important data. After backing up information you can easily burn it onto DVD, CD or Blu-ray, copy it onto a network drive, send it via email or upload it onto a server.
Using WinZip you'll save precious storage space as well as facilitate file sharing for your friends' and colleagues' comfort.
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